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Foxcover Trucking, Inc is based in San Francisco, California and work throughout the greater bay area on civil engineering and construction projects.

Foxcover Trucking, Inc has "Enviromentally Friendly" CARB/emissions compliant trucks equipped with automated tarping systems!

We also transport equipment, freight and over dimensional loads throughout the continental US and Canada.
We not only supply trucking but can supply all types of materials you may need and we have many landfill & dump areas throughout the bay area for excavation and demolition projects.

We mainly work on civil contract projects for most local cities and their contractors and submit certified payroll for Foxcover and our subcontractors.
We are a HRC certified (LBE) and certified SBE, WBE & DBE for any projects that have such participation goals.

We provide many types of transportation and services but the majority of our work would be construction related along with flatbed, lowbed and water truck services.


Foxcover Trucking, Inc. is a signatory for Local 3 Operators Union with in house specialized equipment operators at you're beck and call.

No job is too big or small and we also accept credit cards for your convenience, we find this greatly appreciated by small contractors and builders.